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Lancs student starts petition for no confidence vote against external trustee Graeme Osborn

He’s the one who wanted Sugar sold

A petition launched on Lancaster University Students’ Unions website by Lancaster student, Andrew Williams, has called for a vote of no-confidence in Vice-Chair Graeme Osborn.

The petition was started on the 15th January by Andrew Williams. He posted: "It occured to me the other day that I don't have to keep complaining about Lancaster University Students' Union, I can actually do something about it.

So I wrote down all the reasons I don't like 'suit guy from the AGM' Graeme Osborn and put them in this petition."

The petition begins by stating: "We have no confidence in his past actions, and we have no confidence that he will carry out his duties to our satisfaction in the future."

It continues to list things in which it is believe Osborn should be held accountable for, such as: Failure to appoint a student trustee by week eight of Michaelmas term, failure to livestream Trustee Board meetings and his involvement in the Sugarhouse Strategy Task.

An SU spokesperson has said: "We are extremely disappointed in the tone and content of the VNC relating to Graeme Osborn, given all the hard work he has put in, on an entirely voluntary basis, for the benefit of students during his tenure as vice-chair of the Trustee Board.

"We reject the allegations made entirely. Graeme retains the full confidence of his fellow board members, including all student officers who have worked closely with him and value his support and guidance.

The matter is now ongoing, and it would be inappropriate to comment whilst the democratic process is ongoing”.