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GLOW Nightclub have stopped free re-entry wristbands

It’s taking immediate affect

GLOW Nightclub and Dalton Rooms are stopping free re-entry wristbands as of tonight. You will no longer be able to return to the club after leaving unless you queue and pay again.

In a statement posted to a staff group page on Facebook, GLOW Nightclub states: "EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY WE ARE STOPPING THE FREE RE-ENTRY WRISTBANDS!

"Once someone pays to come in they cannot leave and come back for free, they will have to re-queue and pay again!!!

Please let people know for the next couple of weeks when they pay entry about the change and we will also put posters up to make people aware!!"

GLOW Nightclub told The Lancaster Tab, "It's a permanent thing. We are due to issue a statement shortly."

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Alice, a second year maths student at Lancaster University, told the Lancaster Tab: "I think its really bad. How're people meant to know I've been on a night out without my GLOW wristband?"

Tom, a second year English Lit student, continued: "It seems bizarre why they've done this, all this is going to do is alienate frequent customers while putting off new ones with overly restrictive rules. Feel like pure shite, just want the wristbands back."