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Flatmates, showers and Sugar: Everything you missed about Lancs over christmas

Circuit laundry we missed u

Being home over Christmas means family reunions and not having to pay £5 every time you do your laundry. However, it isn't all it's cracked up to be as you start missing the banter you had with your flatmates at 3am and you even start to yearn for the rattle of the Circuit washing machines.

Here's everything we learnt from being home for Christmas, from having to ask for permission to leave the house to missing Sugar because your local club doesn't compare.

Why does my family not understand sarcasm?

That moment you accidentally swear at the dinner table because the person you are at uni can't remember what it is like living with your parents again.

You have to ask for permission to go out at night with your parents interrogating you before they allow you to out the door. "Where are you going?" "With who?" "Who are they?" "When will you be back?"

I don't know, Mum, when did you start working for the police?

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But there are certain perks about being home for Christmas, like when your mum shouts upstairs to announce that dinner is ready as you no longer have to cook and you rumble down the stairs willingly to accept the grub you had no part in making. Thank you mother. Your starving child will eat again. But you can't eat when you want and have what you want anymore. No more takeaways or oven pizzas whenever you feel hungry, it's shepherd's pie and peas or nothing.

So I can't shower at 11 pm? Gross

The freedom and independence of uni soon drains away the first week back at home when your parents start to dictate your life again. Because this is their house and their roof. Blah, blah, blah.

"If you shower that late, you will wake your sister up," or "you can't shower now wait until the morning." You realise that your mum and Dua Lipa have something in common, and that is new rules.

Take me back to Sugar

As a girl, you don't fully appreciate the fact that Sugar is an all student club until you go home and have to deal with weird older men in the local club.

Sugar never disappoints, especially the free Sugar bus back to campus. Now you have to pay for a taxi home, dropping all your friends off at their homes making the taxi price increase to the same amount as your deposit for your student accommodation.

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Siblings vs Flatmates

Living at home has a completely different vibe. You end up missing the arguments you had with your flatmates about who's mouldy cabbage is rotting in the fridge, because arguing with your siblings is no longer fun. They just walk into your room whenever they feel like it and start insulting you more than you could remember. Why are you calling me ugly? We are related!

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However, there is one definite improvement about being at home. Having a furry little creature roaming around the kitchen, eating out of the bin and needing taking care of is something you forget when at uni. That is, unless you're in a townhouse and just accept the ducks as your new beloved pet.

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Miss u already sweet prince x