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Lancaster Bombers ‘apologise to anyone who has taken offence’ over blackface accusations

‘These accusations are completely baseless’

The Lancaster Bombers have publicly apologised over blackface accusations following their Spartan-themed social in The Sugarhouse on Wednesday.

The dress code included shorts, a red cape, and fake tan. Some have accused the team of blackface for their use of fake tan.

Students took to the Lancfessions 2: Electric Bugaloo Facebook page to address the situation. The confession reads: "No, wear fake tan if you please. Just don't smear it on your face like a spartan/someone who is darker skinner than you. It's brown face and it's racism babe xxx"

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Others stated: "It's fake tan. Their costume was a soldier, who fights outside. Therefore those soldiers would have a tan. It's not blackface, it's the costume. Blackface is Justin Trudeau. Grow up and realise not everything (barely anything is) is racist. This is the reason the older generation hates us. Thank you, babes."

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Since the accusations of blackface have continued, the Lancaster Bombers have released the following statement: "On Wednesday we had a social based on the film '300' with a dress code of shorts, a red cape, and fake tan.

"We are aware that there have been anonymous posts to the 'Lancfessions 2: Electric Bugaloo' page where offence has been taken to our use of fake tan and accusations have been made that we were practising blackface.

"These accusations are completely baseless. This was clearly not our intention.

"The exec were clear that anyone who applied too much fake tan and was anywhere remotely near anything that could be construed as blackface would not be allowed on the social as this is not acceptable."

Lancaster Bombers concluded their statement with an apology, and reiterated their ethos as a society: "As we are a team that encourages a diverse and multicultural ethos, it is not in the character of the team and such accusations are exactly the opposite of what we stand for.

"We apologise to anyone who has taken offence as this was not our intention."

Lancaster University Students' Union and Lancaster University Press Office have been contacted for further comment.