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Going to Lancaster uni is basically the same as being on I’m A Celeb and here’s why

Get me out of my overdraft

ITV’s ‘I’m a Celebrity- Get Me out of Here!’ has officially returned to our screens: the highlight of winter television. A brand-new set of terrified camp-mates met the guaranteed creepy crawlies, drama and questionable food as every season before.

It can be quite easy to think of the show as an escape from your current life. After all, when you’re curled up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate, it’s hard to relate to the struggles on screen. Nevertheless, once we boil down the base concepts of the show, some bizarre patterns emerge.

Bad food, gross accommodation, shared showers, annoying people that you’re forced to live with and being surrounded by wild animals. That sounds like the life of a Lancaster student.

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The Camp

There are some university accommodations where we can honestly say we’d prefer to be sleeping in the jungle. Unlike the camp-mates, a lot of university homes haven’t implemented a chore-system to keep the messy people in check, and they suffer for it.

Shared showers and uncomfortable beds aren’t the only things students have in common with the camp. By the looks of this picture, it could be rodents too.

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The Campmates

The group of celebrities within the camp have a massive impact on the show’s output. Similarly, the group of people you share your accommodation with massively impact your time at university.

People can already see the classic bromance forming between Myles and Roman, but what about those more annoying people you’re forced to live with? The James or Ian of the accommodation? One student told us that “Every time one of my housemates is angry, he yells at the top of his voice and throws things around his room.”

Another student told us “One guy during pres pissed in the kettle, and another guy was dared to drink it.” Now if that isn’t reminiscent of a bush-tucker trial, we don’t know what is.

The Bush-tucker Trials

For those who aren’t drinking urine, there is a more common trial we students face. 9-am lectures require an extreme amount of self-discipline, and the sense of pride once you’ve completed it successfully does make you want to go back and brag to your flat-mates. An uncanny resemblance to a Bush-tucker trial, really.

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The Animals

Aside from the wild ducks, we’ve all seen some snakes in our time at university. Enough said, really.

The Finale

Much like the campers, we look forward to the day at the end of the month, where we can return home to see our families. We daydream and drool for weeks over the concept of a home cooked meal, a comfortable mattress and better yet, a bubble bath. We may not be able to cross a swinging rope bridge with confetti canons, but the railway bridge sort of counts, right?

It does feel like a well-deserved escape from the jungle.