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Lancfessions has been resurrected with a new owner

Lancfessions 2: Electric Boogaloo

It's been a sad few days for the Facebook feed of Lancaster University students since Lancfessions was taken down last Thursday. But worry not, a new anonymous owner has revived the page under the name "Lancfessions 2: Electric Boogaloo".

The Lancaster Tab spoke to the new owner who created the page after the original owners didn't bring it back. They said they are "just doing [their] bit for the university y'know." We couldn't be more grateful for the big return as the spillover to Lancrush was really not a long-term solution.

The Lancaster Tab asked the new owner if they had spoken to the old admins about taking over the page and whether they were done with running Lancfessions for good, to which they responded: "I've not spoken to the old admins as I don't know who they are, and as they didn't bring it back within a few days it's a fair assumption."

It would be a shame to see Lancfessions go down once again, so we asked the new owner how they were going to prevent this from happening: "To stop it being shut down – well idk why the past one was closed, but the two topics that could have caused it it's on any admins to ensure that nothing too problematic gets through". Well, third time lucky!

When asked about the addition of 'Electric Boogaloo' to the name of the page, the new owner said it is because of the meme but "if, of course, it doesn't go down well, I'm open to changing the name". As long as the confessions are still as good, we are good with the name!

So, Lancs students, click here to like the page and get sending in some confessions!

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