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Lancaster Uni to call back students in Hong Kong due to wellbeing concerns

They’re offering the financial support to do so

Lancaster Uni is calling back students in Hong Kong due to wellbeing concerns.

Many of Hong Kong's top universities are being occupied by protestors, and many universities over the UK have been calling back their students due to concerns over their personal safety, including Warwick, Nottingham, Aberdeen, Southampton, Sheffield and Edinburgh.

In a statement given to The Lancaster Tab, a Lancaster University spokesman said: "Lancaster University currently has a very small number of students in Hong Kong studying at different partner institutions.

"Along with our partner exchange universities, we take the wellbeing of students very seriously and have been in close and regular contact with those students throughout recent weeks.

"Although the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is not currently advising against travel to Hong Kong, this week the University has decided to advise our students to return home.

"We will be offering them pratical advice and financial support to do so."

Featured image via: Ben David Godson