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We toured all of Lancs’ most underrated late night takeaways so you don’t have to

Flames was NOT flames

We all worship Sultans. And, if you're living in town, McDonald's isn't too bad either. But what about those late-night take aways we all neglect?

What's the problem with Starvin Marvin's? Why is Flames not as lit as it sounds? What even is Marmara?

We pushed ourselves out of the comfort zones of 20 chicken nuggets and wondered into some of Lancs most underrated late-night takeaways to see if we were neglecting some hot food stops.


We had stumbled into Flames and back out again a few times as Freshers, so there was a lot of excitement building up to finally eating there. And, it meant we can finally work out why we always left.

We went in with a huge five pound budget, and it fed two of us with a drink to share too. Our food took a while though which is absolutely no good if you're waiting on a taxi or the Sugarbus.

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It wasn't busy at all, which was different to the storm that goes on in McDonald's post-sugar, or the party that continues in Sultans. Our drunk states were also hugely confused by the photo montage that takes place on the wall, whose children are they? Why is there a photo of a dog? That looked like a nice family holiday! What's going on there?

In fairness, Flames did sort me out. The tray of popcorn chicken, whilst no different to Sultans, got me home in a somewhat healthy state, and really that's all that matters.

Overall, 4/10. Not as lit as it sounds.

Starvin Marvin's

We stumbled out of a fairly dead Skint Mondays at Glow into Starvin Marvin's. First of all, Starvin Marvin's is way closer to Glow than McDonald's, walk round the corner and be ready to order. Why are we trekking the other way to McDonald's, it's right by the exit?

Marvin's cooked all our food from fresh, big respect. And, there was no minimum card spend. But the reason why people weren't queueing out of the door became pretty blatant – that place is expensive.

£4.10 for popcorn chicken? £5 for chicken wings, the notes on my phone tells me that "the cheesy chips were spenny". If you're so starvin' Marvin, why are your prices so steep?

The chips and gravy are thicc though, it was the first time I finished a whole tray of chips to myself. They deliver and also cater to any lonely hearts that seem to stumble in for some quick scran post-break up.

Overall rating: 5/10 – Sorry Marvin, you just don't cater to my overdraft lifestyle.


I know what you're thinking. What is Marmara? Where is Marmara? Does it even exist?

Marmara is a diamond in the rough, located directly opposite Generation and shortly around the corner from GLOW. It stands humble on the corner, advertising the 'Number One Best Kebab in the UK'. Tell. Me. More.

It was time to forget about popcorn chicken for one night, we were having that Kebab. After waltzing into a minimal queue, we were welcomed by the party vibes. Kendrick was on, there were disco lights. It was the right kind of party comedown you need post-GLOW.

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Good vibes only in Marmara

There was a stunning northern deal on the menu: Cheesy chips, chicken popcorn, cheese and gravy for five pounds!? Like Rihanna said way back in 2011, where have you been all my life?

I ordered the Kebab. And, whilst it says Number One in the UK, I have to say it wasn't much different to any other Kebab I have eaten before. But I want to believe in their self-proclaimed ratings, it was great, it was the best, it was the best in the UK. I believe them.

Alongside the great deals and top-notch Kebabs, Marmara also takes Apple pay so its accessible for every time you break your budget on a night-out.

Overall: Solid 8/10 – party vibes, OG deals and self-belief.