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Sultans, Sugar and queuing for Greggs: All the things you only know if you go to Lancs

Everything iconic about Lancs campus

There are certain things that make Lancs uni. And whilst you might reel off a long list of its most iconic features, The Lancaster Tab have compiled all of the most iconic features of Lancaster University's campus right here. Thank us later.

If you are a fresher who has only been living here six weeks or in your third year of your degree, you will recognise everything on this list.


It goes without saying that Sultans is the best on-campus takeaway and completes any night out (or any cheesy fries craving you may have on an average Tuesday evening.) The staff are a reason to go to Sultans in itself, they are the friendliest people on campus and will literally hand out free chips for those who look as if they have had a rough night – what heroes!

It is iconic to appear on their Snapchat story with your free water and poppadoms, waiting for your cheese and tomato pocket which is a level up from any ordinary pizza.

If you haven't been to Sultans yet, do you even go to Lancaster Uni?

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Cheeky Sultans on Halloween

The Tree in the Library

No other University has an eight-metre tree in the centre of their library, do they? This is pretty unique to Lancaster University, bringing the outside indoors to keep up the morale in those desperate study hours before a deadline.

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The Ducks

The ducks have become the unofficial mascots of Lancaster life around campus. Everywhere you go you will probably come across one of the ducks in the middle of the path or trying to cross the pavement.

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Photo shoot with the ducks

While they are very docile and mind their own business, they are not afraid to approach you and show off. Although some are more confident than others. Not sure whether other Universities have communal pets or random animals that come to say hello, but the ducks are definitely an iconic part to Lancaster's campus. Which Lancaster duck are you?

The Colleges

Lancaster is a one of only seven universities within the UK that use the collegiate system, including the universities of: Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, York, Kent and Roehampton. Only students of Lancaster University understand the competitive nature between Furness, Fylde, Grizedale, Pendle, Bowland, Londsdale, Cartmel and County. With their own signature colour, bar and sports teams, it is evident within the community spirit that each college really is a home from home.

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Some members of the Furness netball team

Edward Roberts Court

The construction work currently going on outside Sultans, below Costa, has restricted access for students up to Alexander Square, meaning students have had to walk around and up the South Spine. While this is only a temporary problem, every student must have experienced, at some point, this inconvenience of having to take the long way around.

The demolition phase has been completed and construction will carry on through December.

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The queue at Greggs

It is almost guaranteed that the Greggs on campus will have a long queue at lunch time, as students rush to get their pastries. Maybe this is not just iconic to Lancaster University, but for all Greggs up and down the country.

But it is inevitable that there will be a queue forming, fast, as soon as the clock strikes twelve. Rumour has it, its the busiest Greggs in the UK. Iconic.

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iLancaster Check in

Every student on campus knows the struggle of having to remember to check themselves into every lecture and seminar using the iLancaster app. It is universally known on campus the frustration of the app not accessing your location, even though you are clearly sat in Faraday refreshing your phone screen every two seconds.

Then there are the notifications reminding you to check in even though you did it ten minutes ago. Is there any point to the lecture if you're not checked in?


Even if you were only planning a chilled night out, it is impossible not to end up in Sugar – the student's union night club. Every University will have that one iconic night club, and Sugar is Lancaster's. With very specific ways to get banned, it is always an eventful night.

Yet again, if you have not yet been to Sugar on a night out, do you even go to Lancs Uni?

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There are many things that are unique to Lancaster University, but these are the most recognisable. Lancaster's campus would not be the same without them!