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Lancs Uni is running a donation drive to support students after the Bolton fire

It’s being held next week

Lancaster University is hosting a donation drive to help students who were affected by the Bolton student halls fire.

On Friday night, "The Cube", a six-storey university accommodation that houses Bolton University students, caught fire.

In a statement via Facebook, VP of Campaigns and Communications, Lewis Marriott lent his support to students affected by the fire:

“As some of you may have seen, last night, there was a fire at a student accommodation at the University of Bolton.

"As an Officer Team we are doing all that we can to support Bolton and its students. We will be organising a drive on Tuesday 19th November in the Students’ Union Welcome Zone, asking for students to donate any essential items to their fellow students who have lost their belongings in the fire. Feel free to bring any unneeded clothes, toiletries and necessities, and it will be delivered on Wednesday morning.

"We would like to reassure all students from Bolton or their friends and families that our Advice service is here to support them in this time. Our Advice Team are available to provide independent and confidential and can be contacted at [email protected].”