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Lancs students remain in Hong Kong despite violent protests

Protests have forced students home

The ongoing protests in Hong Kong have forced UK universities to call exchange students back home, but Lancaster University is not one of them.

Protests have been ongoing for some months now, and are part of a pro-democratic movement against the ruling Chinese government.

Whilst the demonstrations began peacefully, they now often devolve into violence, which has prompted universities to question the safety of their exchange students studying in Hong Kong.

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Credit: Ben David Godson

When asked for comment about the removal of students from Hong Kong by The Tab Lancaster, Lancaster University responded with: "Lancaster University currently has a very small number of students in Hong Kong."

"Lancaster University has been in close contact with those students who have chosen to remain in Hong Kong for the time being – in line with Foreign Office advice, which is not currently advising against travel to Hong Kong. Lancaster University will continue to support their needs and we have repatriation systems in place should these be required.

"Our partner exchange Universities also take the well-being of students very seriously and we continue to monitor the situation together."

The protests show no sign of stopping, and with the uncertainty in Hong Kong it seems that many exchange students' years abroad may have to be cut short by their universities pulling them out from the city.