What do other Universities ACTUALLY think of Lancaster Uni?

Because first impressions count, right?

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We get told all of our lives to 'not care what other people think' but we say, there's nothing wrong with being a little nosey. All of your prayers have been answered and now, you get to know what other uni students think of our beloved Lancaster. But be prepared, they all don't share the same opinion as you.

Lets begin in the dreaded, white-rose owning, our nemesis, unis in Yorkshire.

University of Leeds

"Very good academically but it reminds me of a shopping centre because all of the building are near each other and there are lots of good food outlets in that central strip thing."

The central strip? The spine? That's one thing we love about Lancs Uni, everything you need is no further than a 10 minute walk away. Nothing beats walking up the spine everyday and smelling freshly cooked food omg.

University of Lincoln

"It's a campus uni right? And it's such a chore to go into town."

We are a campus uni. And, if we're honest with you, we LOVE the sugar bus. Who doesn't love sugar? and the trip into town is totally worth it! Especially when you can't remember most of the journey.

University of Sheffield

"Seems to like going out but isn't as in your face as other unis, also I think its quite hilly"

Nothing beats a Wednesday in Sugar, Glow and Spoons. Trust us. If this isn't shade towards other 'party' unis then I don't know what is.

Cardiff University

"Good computer science department"

Not many of us do comp sci so we can't really comment on this but we guess that if someone from another uni says its good, then it must be true. Big up computer science, you hold a nationally good reputation.

Newcastle University

"Sounds mint, a good uni but more chilled and close knit than most unis"

It IS mint, thank you Toon.

University of Warwick

"Like us it's a campus uni, but it has a sick nightlife which I'm a little jealous of"

CAMPUS UNIS UNITE! Well what can we say, our nightlife has a bit of a reputation, unlike Warwick's I presume.

University of Liverpool

"Some of the accommodation is sick, some of it not so much"

Couldn't agree more, to be honest. But you haven't to judge a book by its cover, it's all about who you live with, right?

Yes we have a castle. Beat that.

UCL (University College London)

"Heard a few things about their SU, not necessarily good things"

Bit of a touchy subject this. Moving swiftly on.

University of Birmingham

"That's the one up north right?"

Yes Brum. Lancaster is up north. Big up the north, three Gregg's on the high street, chips and gravy in every corner shop. UP THE NORTH.

So that's it ladies and gents, the varied opinions on what other unis think of Lancaster.