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Here’s some things to do in Lancaster to clear away the winter blues

November is SAD

It’s that time of year again, the nights are drawing in, the temperature’s dropping, deadlines are looming, and to top it off you’ve come down with freshers flu.

It can be easy to give in to winter blues. However, the best way to beat them is undoubtedly to get up and get active. Taking some time for yourself can help you to chase those cobwebs away and ultimately produce better work when you do return to the desk. The Lancaster Tab found the top things to do in Lancaster to beat the winter blues.

Local festive events

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Lancaster has a lovely community spirit and this is never shown more than on special occasions. Pop along to one of the many firework displays in town around Bonfire night or see what spooky happenings are occurring for Halloween.

Light up Lancaster at the beginning of November is a wonderful exhibition of different light instillations and decorations around the city which is well worth a visit and don’t forget to join in the celebrations at the Lancaster Christmas light switch-on on the 25th November. Resurrect your good vibes with some festive fun.


Lancaster on Ice returns to Lancaster this year. The pop-up ice-skating rink will be in Dalton square from the 23rd of November to the fifth of January. Open 10am-10pm daily, with the student friendly price of just five pounds an hour, it’s well worth a visit and is a great way to get in to the festive spirit. Whether you’re a pro-skater or a complete beginner its friendly and accessible to all and is very popular so make sure to book ahead.

Lancaster’s farmers market

If you’re bored of the usual shops, why not pop along to Lancaster’s farmers market, held every Wednesday and Saturday from 9am-4:30pm in Lancaster’s city centre.

The market sells a variety of goods including plants; jewellery; clothes; Books, DVDs, records; handmade crafts; stationary; bedding and a whole host of street food. Whatever you need, you can find it at the market, it’s a great place to come with friends or find unique Christmas gifts.

Go to the theatre or cinema

This can often be dismissed as too expensive on a student budget. Luckily Lancaster’s cinema is priced at only £4.99 a ticket for students and escaping in to the world of fantasy can be a great reprise from the cold weather.

Lancaster’s Grand theatre also puts on a range of range of productions from local amateur theatre companies- Footlights, the Lancaster amateur dramatic and operatic society and the Morecambe warblers, at reasonable prices. These groups are also always on the lookout for more members and volunteers so if you’re a budding actor, why not get involved yourself?

Visit some of Lancs attractions

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We have a CASTLE

While Lancaster might not have as much as some bigger cities, it does have a range of smaller museums to visit. The Lancaster City museum on Market Street has some great displays about local history in the backdrop of a traditional Georgian building.

Or why not explore the castle, which until very recently was a working prison and has some interactive exhibits in its converted dungeon museum. Or if you’re interested in architecture, go to Lancaster’s Cathedral and admire its richly decorated altars and stained-glass windows.

Go to the library or a bookshop

Whether you’re reading for pleasure or searching for a new textbook, sometimes it’s nice to get a change of setting and being in a library or local bookshop can be much nicer than staying put in your room and turning to Amazon. So next time you need a comfy spot to read or advice on what to read next head down to Lancaster library in town or pop to Waterstones for a wiz round.

Try an escape room

Lancaster Escape is located at 32 North Road and is open Monday and Wednesday from 3-10pm and Thursday-Sunday 11am-10pm. It boasts a range of different themed escape rooms with varying levels of difficulty for everyone to enjoy, so if you and your mates fancy a fun challenge why not give it a go?!

Meet animals!

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Getting up close and personal with nature in Lancaster is easier than you think. Pay a visit to the butterfly house and gardens in Williamson park or visit the minibeast, meerkats and marmoset monkeys at the mini-zoo there! There’s also Wolfwood animal rescue shelter in Bowerham and the Animal Care shelter on Blea Tarn Road, home to some very cute kitties!

Also keep an eye out for any guide dog events on Facebook. They cost around three pounds. Three pounds to fill your heart with some puppy loving? Get me there.

Visit Salt Ayre leisure centre

If a full gym membership would be a bit much for you, why not plan a one off trip to Salt Ayre leisure centre for some swimming or climbing or other team sports? Or if you’re not the sporting type, pamper yourself in their Luxury spa!

Just go out!

It might be freezing, but a brisk walk is sure to warm you up! Lancaster has some beautiful wintery sights, so whether it’s along the canal or around one of the many parks and green spaces, or just round the shops and city centre- get out and explore!

Or go out to eat or drink. With a wide range of cafes and coffee bars, pubs and restaurants and more evening venue cocktail bars, Lancaster has a venue to suit every occasion.

Cafés can be a great place to unwind or maybe get some work done while treating yourself and it’s always nice to have a go-to bar to take your mates, so next time you’re out with friends or the parents come to visit, why not try somewhere new?