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It’s time for you to nominate Lancaster’s hottest single 2019

Who will take the title this year?

Lancaster's Maddest Fresher has been and gone, which can only mean one thing… it's time for Lancaster's Hottest Single 2019!

Last year the competition was super tough, with nominations flooding in, seeing George crowned Lancaster's Hottest Single 2018. The contest saw the likes of George Nuttall, Alice Mills and KC Dymond battle it out for the winning spot. With all these big names in the line-up it truly is the most prestigious title on campus (apart from Lancaster's biggest BNOC, obviously!).

This year we're looking for an even bigger and better hottest single, if that's even possible?? So get nominating the fittest of your flatmates, friends or even that peng ting in your seminars.

We're looking for the friend who always disappears because they've pulled on a night out, the flatmate who can always be heard complaining that they're drowning in Tinder notifs, your library crush or just your bestie who needs a little confidence boost. Whoever it is, get nominating Lancaster!

Nominate Lancaster's Hottest Single 2019