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Lancaster students discover art student housemate keeps cow organs in their fridge

Totally normal

This Saturday three Lancaster students returned home to their student house and opened their fridge to see a mysterious bag labelled: "May contain heart and lungs."

The heart and lungs turned out to be part of a housemates art project and thus this Lancaster student is not, in fact, a murderer.

This is a regular occurrence in this particular student house. So regular, in fact, that the housemates set up an Instagram account to document it.

The Instagram account @myfriendsanartstudent is ran by three housemates who document the hilarious and atrocious facts of living with a university art student.

The housemates said: "She has always been doing some rather ‘creative’ projects which she drags us into for her art degree but this one is definitely the strangest."

A dismembered animal carcass is definitely not something anyone expects to find when they open their fridge for a snack in the morning.

The artist, Niamh Jude Evans, a second year Fine Art student at Lancs, promises that she's "not mad" and that it was in fact her art tutors who recommended such a dramatic approach to creativity.

She said: "My tutors are always encouraging me to be experimental with my art, but I never thought I’d be using body parts as my muse."

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The gang x

How she uses the organs

Obviously a picture from the Internet was not good enough and a real life cow organ was more authentic. The housemates said: "Over the past week, we have often walked into the kitchen and she’ll be sat there with a heart or a lung on the counter whilst she’s sketching it."

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Becoming vegetarian

After staring and sketching cow organs day in and day out, it is questionable as to whether you would want to ever eat meat again.

The artist revealed: "I’m genuinely considering calling this artistic investigation ‘The project which turned me vegetarian.’"

As to how she acquired the heart and lungs, she said: "To set any minds to rest, they were sourced from a respectable and very friendly butcher. I swear I didn’t just nab a cow from a nearby field."

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Is it worth it?

While it does seem rather disgusting and unhygienic, the artist said: "I know it’s gross, but I’m loving learning more about anatomy." This has made the artistic experience more educational and creative. Plus, she says: "It’s funny scaring my flatmates."

The housemates may be disturbed, however they have benefited from this experience by posting it on their Instagram account to make others laugh. They said: "Whilst the drawings are great, we often question whether or not it’s worth it, so we decided we needed share our pain of living with an art student."