A General Election is coming – here’s how to vote in Lancs

Democratic right? Exercised.

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The government has announced plans for a General Election to be held before Christmas.

The date they're set on is Thursday 12th December – and this should make Lancaster students panic a little bit, here's why:

We vote the day before we finish for Christmas vacation

Lancaster Uni finishes for Christmas on Friday 13th December – coincidentally, we'll have a new government by then (Friday 13th isn't a good sign, really). Which means we have until 10pm on the 12th to get out and vote.

It should worry students because on top of stressing about plans to go home over the Christmas break, we now have to make sure we can fit in the journey to the polling station to cast our vote.

This will be the third time in 12 months that Lancaster students have been eligible to vote; following the local council elections, and the European parliament elections back in summer.

Jack O'Dwyer-Henry, Oliver Robinson and Katie Whearty were elected in the local council elections

Am I registered to vote?

Luckily, Lancaster University automatically registers freshers to vote – but that's only if you live on campus!

If you're living off campus then you'll need to register yourself to vote; it's really simple! You can access all the relevant information here, and that will also let you register, too.

To check if you're registered, then you can contact the city council, too, and they'll get back to you as soon as possible, you can contact them at: [email protected]

Where is my polling station?

If you live on campus, then your polling station is the Chaplaincy Centre, near Bowland College. If you live on south campus, your polling station is at the Barker House/Brandrigg Room.

The Chaplaincy Centre sits just outside of Bowland College

But if you live off campus, in town or Bowerham, then you can just follow this link to find out where your local polling station is!

Get out and vote!

Student voices are important! You can be registered to vote at university AND at home, so you can decide where you want to vote – just don't forget to have your voice heard, despite the General Election happening before we finish for Christmas!