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Look at these fit pics of Lancs looking stunning this Autumn

Have you seen how beaut it is??

When people think of Lancaster they often think of concrete buildings, a dry social life and rain. I think the Tab already proves the dry social life statement wrong, but it's time to prove that it's not just full of grey and rain, there's so much more to it!

Thanks to everyone who submitted lovely photos of Lancaster for this article, the photography is 10/10. Lancaster definitely looks it's best in Autumn, with all it's green spaces and falling leaves it has a definite glow up in October. Here are some piccies to see some of the best Autumnal spots in Lancs both on and off campus.

Lovely leaves

Who can resist a crisp leaf pic in Autumn?

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@hannahleylxnd proving Lancs can be the spot for the cutest Autumnal instagrams. Can't think of a better way to show off your new shoes.

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@kjersti.valen doing bits with her camera, look how picturesque it looks!!

On campus beauties!

Lancaster's campus is known for being a bit drab, but it certainly isn't in Autumn!

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@tanvitiwaskar20 showing off all the beautiful flora on campus!

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@j.kingston.c the ISS building literally always does bits, honestly it could be a mad MI5 building for all I know but it admittedly always looks stunning.

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@tanvitiwaskar20 the route onto campus looking LOVELY in the evening. Look at that sky!!

Off campus stunners!

Lancaster's town is often thought of as being small and run down but there's so much Autumn beauty! We're proving everyone wrong today look at THESE.

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@kjersti.valen these flowers are everything!! So pretty, Autumn, we stan.

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@andreadiamond12 the Storey building in town looking stunning and moody in the Autumn haze, werk it!

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@andreadiamond12 the castle always looks amazing, but how could it look better…OH! the castle in Autumn obviously, look at those lovely orange trees.

Lancaster is beautiful tbh

How could you look at these lovely Autumn pics and say that Lancaster isn't the loveliest place ever? You couldn't. Here's to proving them wrong.