Lancs Maddest Fresher 2019 is Max Kafula

Big legend

It's been another year of mad nominations for Lancaster's Maddest Fresher, and we've finally cut them down to the one and only winner. The one and only Max Kafula!It was a close one this year but thanks to both Heather Coles and Ed Hault for being in the finals!

Why Max?

If you need a refresher, Max outdid himself by buying a whopping £30 worth of McDonald's and shaking the hand of everyone who worked there alongside other freshers' antics. Plus who wouldn't vote for someone who buys his mates £80 worth of Dalton's booth and a £40 bottle. We agree this guy is definitely a Lancaster legend.

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A word from the man himself

There's no better way to finish Lancaster's Maddest Fresher 2019 than with a word from the winner himself.

'Thank you for letting me know, I would like to say, it's been a pleasure being nominated and winning and I hope I will leave a legacy that people in the future would ways compare their freshers week to mine.'

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It's all over till next year

Thanks to everyone who nominated their friend or took part this year it's been as fun as ever! If you didn't make it but reckon you're ~MaD~ then we sincerely apologise, find yourself some new friends who'll nominate you and out you for your silly behavior.