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There are three fire engines and people wrapped in shock blankets outside the uni gym

Due to a suspected fire in the changing rooms


People have been evacuated from Lancaster University gym after a fire alarm was raised due to a suspected fire.

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Those at the scene have reported that the alarm was raised and they were told it was not a drill. They were given shock blankets and water.

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The alarm stopped after half nine, where the evacuees were allowed back inside to "get stuff and leave". They were not allowed into the gym, but were allowed into the foyer to get their belongings.

They were told that the issue came from the changing rooms, with one person at the incident stating "The fire came from the changing rooms but they didn't tell us what it was caused by.

The woman on reception said the fire was in the changing rooms but she said they didn't know what it was or what started it."

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"They were blocking us from going through the gates and three firemen walked down the corridor and turned into the changing rooms.

After about an hour, the fire alarm went off. We were aloud to get our things. I was allowed into the Sports Hall which had no sign of damage in there.

People weren't allowed to take showers, we just had to take our things and go."