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Which classic course mate are you?

Macbook girl we see you

No matter what course you're on I'm almost certain you will find these absolute characters in your lectures. You won't even realise it yourself, but you are actually one of these classic stereotypes as well.

I can almost hear BSc students screaming that they're different and that it doesn't apply to them, I hear you but you're wrong.

So, who actually are you? Are you the course BNOC who sits with a different friendship group every lecture to stay in the loop? The dreaded MacBook owner who spends an hour endlessly bashing the keys with acrylic nails? Or the late-comer, turning up in last nights clothes with a whiff of stale Sugar House and VK ice? Take this quiz to find out which dreaded stereotype you are.

And there you have it, your official course mate category. Everyone has one so don't be too offended if you're the basic MacBook gal of your course.