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LUSU cuts marketing ties with Aparto after Caton Court discovered to be faulty

The Student Union issued a statement today

Lancaster University Student's Union have severed ties with Aparto, the company behind The Caton Court accomdation.

After the discovery was made that the Caton Court accomodations were half finished and faulty LUSU have released a statement stating they are suspending the marketing deal with Aparto, the company that operates and owns Caton Court.

The statement claims that due to the "issues at Caton Court" the marketing deal will be suspended and will remain in place "until an adequate response from Aparto, answering all of the Union’s and students' concerns is received. We continue to liaise with Aparto, LU Homes and Lancaster City Council."

LUSU President, George Nuttall, has said: “The health and safety of students is our paramount concern and we hope the immediate suspension of our contract with Aparto will signal the seriousness with which we view this situation."

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A protest had taken place outside the LU Living offices on campus, headed by ACORN and endorsed by the city councillors who uncovered the shocking conditions.

In an earlier statement the University and Scotforth Rural Ward Labour City Councillors said: "It’s clear to us that LUSU being in partnership with Aparto has harmed the ability for the other bodies to do their job, as well as failing to stand up for students."