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Review of the Deli

Check out their hot new

The Deli was always a classic campus spot, even before it got a chic new-look! From their pancakes to their eggs benny we loved them even when their interior was pretty ugly. But here's a review of the new Deli in all its' glory.

The decor

The Deli's glow up has a really chic vibe to it, with the tiled counter and swanky interior. It definitely feels a lot more put together, and like a brunch place in town rather than a canteen on campus.

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A peek inside

The coffee

We all know it's going to be good when it's Atkinson's coffee really. It was previously Atkinson's coffee being served in The Deli, but there's something about their new, classier cups that somehow makes it taste nicer? (don't ask us the science behind this lol). Also, they offer an extensive range of dairy alternative milks, so get yourself down there. It's definitely better than Costa, and they offer takeaway, so switch up your coffee pit-stop.

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Atkinson's coffee

The food

So far I have tried the pulled pork flatbread and the Bakewell tart (two separate occasions I promise). The pulled pork flatbread was a little dry, but the flavours were so yummy it could probably just do with a sprinkling of cheese.

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Pulled pork flatbread

The Bakewell tart was incredible!! Couldn't rate it more tbh. I asked the lovely lady behind the counter which cake she would recommend, and she definitely chose the right one- customer service is also extra good! It was so moist and possibly the best Bakewell I've tried in Lancs.

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The Bakewell tart of my dreams (ft. a cheeky red velvet cake)

The verdict

I would definitely go again, it's the chic place campus was in need of. Once it quietens down a little it will be a great little place to study as well. I still need to try out their brunch options, but I would definitely say give Deli a go. It's affordable and yummy.