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Lancaster’s Hottest Single: Heat three

Time for the third and final heat!

So you've stuck with us so far and now it's your chance to decide the last cadidate to make the final! We have only two choices today, so go wild, cast your vote to crown the hottest single!! (or not so single…)

KC Dymond

I'm a second year Philosophy student. I recently lost odds to dye my hair pink. You will mosst likely find me in Fylde Bar. I'm not single but you can still buy me a drink if you'd like x

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KC and her fella??

George Nuttall

Fun fact: Hustle is better than Sugar. I study history and politics.

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Kirsty Fitzpatrick

I'm a second year history student with a flair for cycling, if you don't vote for me you can get on yer bike. The other gal on the picture is Daisy, so if you vote for me we are willing to take inquiries on package deals x

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Kirsty on the left, but there's always 2 for the price of one x

Time to vote!!