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Where to go drinking in Lancs on Valentine’s day according to your relationship status

Single, taken or ‘it’s complicated’? Here’s where you need to be heading for your V-day drinks…

The post-lecture casual (Valentine’s day is a holiday- right?) drinkers: Grizedale Bar

Any excuse. GZ has a Valentine’s menu that is enough to get you in the mood, single or taken.

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New Valentine's Day cocktails

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New GZ cocktails

Single, but okay with it: Furness Bar

The Gin Fest is back, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Grab your flat mates, drink some classy beverages and pretend you’re a gin connoisseur for an hour or two.

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Casual, short-term couples: Hogarths

It’s no Tipple, but it’s better than Spoons. Just enough to keep you distracted from having the ‘what are we?’ conversation.

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Sickly loved-up couples: Crypt

Hidden below the Royal Kings Arms Hotel, the Crypt is ideal for the more boujie couples that show their love by splashing out the overdraft.

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Passionfruit Martini @ Crypt

Galentine’s: Tipple

Because there’s nothing like Instagrammable cocktails and a quick game of ping pong to make you forget about that boy from the rugby/football team that screwed you over. Get the gals out and make a night of it.

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Tipple cocktails

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Tipple cocktails

The ‘I don’t need a girlfriend, I’ve got the boys’ drinkers: Crafty Scholar

Gather the lads, grab a pint and some questionable Crafty food and watch Arsenal play in a shit Europa League game.
Supremely average night guaranteed.

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The dreadfully single ‘I will drink away the next 24 hours’ drinkers: Hustle

For those that are newly single to those that are facing another year of singledom. It might be a rough Valentine’s day but at least now you’ve got the perfect excuse to go to Hustle without someone questioning your mentality.

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The shot list is never-ending

The ‘Valentine’s day is just a commercial hype… blah blah” drinkers: The Library

Nobody wants to hear it. Let the singletons get drunk and let the couples be gross.