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Vote for Lancaster’s Maddest Fresher: The final

Eight mad freshers have become two

You've followed us on the journey so far and now it's time to have your final say! Who are you going to crown Lancaster's Maddest Fresher out of our two worthy candidates?

Anna Simpson

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Anna's inconic hospital bed photo

We all knew that Anna would go far in this competiton, finally losing her writing capablitiy was useful for something. Without her drunken hand chopping incident she woudn't be here today that's for sure! Her drunken hospital bed photo is just as iconic as her story, but is she YOUR vote for maddest fresher?

Ben Dulake

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Ben and his pull

Ben is literally here because he loves milfs and a good curry. His charisma led him to free cake and a table of hot grannies, and for that Ben, we salute you. This isn't just your usual rugby lad antics and we fully respect that. Is Ben going to be YOUR maddest fresher?

Time to Vote

It's all down to you guys now… will it be Anna or Ben? Stay tuned this week when we will announce Lancaster's official Maddest Fresher!