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How to survive third year and attend Sugar weekly

It is doable, trust me

Everyone thinks third year is the hardest year yet and in some ways it is, but you can still go out just as much as you did first year, if you're clever about it. If you're a second year worried about upcoming third year or a third year who barely goes out but wants to, this will give you some tips on making sure you can go out.

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'Let's pose with the sugar sign'

For some reason over your three years at Lancs you just aren't quite sick of Sugarhouse yet, despite the sweaty smell and repetitive cheesy music. It's the place to see literally EVERYONE you've ever met at uni, whether it be coursemates, one night stands, your sports team or someone you tried to fight in first year.

Love it or hate it, Sugar is one of Lancaster's only club options, continuously strengthening your social bonds through VKs and terrible dancing. Here's how to attend Sugar weekly and 'get by' in third year.

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Crafty's is the dream

Work out your deadlines

The best thing to do is go through all of your different modules and write down each deadline you have for the upcoming term, working out when you should (and shouldn't) go out.

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All third years scraping 2:1s/1sts

Get everything done early (or at least start)

I mean, I don't do this, but I would advise getting all essays done or started earlier than you did in previous years. This means when it nears the end of term (when all of your deadlines tend to come at once) and there's endless Xmas nights out to attend, you can go out AND get essays handed in on time. Yes, there is such thing as submitting before deadline day. This way you get go out for a drink without feeling too guilty.

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A lighter night to Hogarth's can sometimes be a safer option (which will probably end in Sugar)

Don't stay in bed the entire day afterwards

When you reach third year, you realise hangovers hit you a lot harder than they used to. If you have a social on a Wednesday night but have a Thursday 9am – do your best to make the 9am, but if not, try to make the rest of your lectures that day. This way, even if you feel horrendous, you've been productive by attending everything (despite barely listening).

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Have you even been to Sugar if you haven't got a pic with the flamingo wallpaper in the toilets

Say 'everything will be fine' every day

I think I've said this to each and every one of my friends at uni this term, after describing how little work I've done. Because, let's be honest, it is always fine in the end, we scrape by and it'll be fine at the end of the day.

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You tend to tell yourself you'll be more sophisticated in third year

Convince yourself you'll get everything done during the holidays

Another method can be putting off all of your work until the holidays (unless you have deadlines before the end of term). Unfortunately, this means you spent your time 'relaxing' procrastinating doing the work you should've done in term time. Although, it means if you end up bored at home you can fill the time starting some essays and revision.

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Somehow you'll end up in Hustle at least once a term

Try to avoid vodka

I'm not sure if it's just me, but there's something about Sugarhouse vodka that makes me hit the floor. After preing on vodka, maybe stick with the 3 for £5 VK deal or singles at least – it definitely eases up the hangover.

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Some bartenders even offer to take your pic in Sugz x

Opt for Wednesdays instead

I know lots of people avoid Wednesday Sugar nights (it's definitely the best night though, with Crafty's beforehand) because they have Thursday 9ams or prefer Fridays. But, even though I find that I do usually miss my 9am (but always catch up) I always make my lectures later that day – they get me out of bed.

However, if you go out constantly on a Friday or Saturday it writes off your weekend, which is prime time to catch up on work and do what you want socially too. Also, Wednesdays are social nights so it's guaranteed to be busy and full of wonderful costumes.

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Pendle netballers' fabulous costumes

Don't stay till closing

Sugar usually switch the lights on at around 3am, but I'd advise (even though I never follow this rule) getting home earlier. If you stay till close you have to take into account the time it'll take to get a takeaway, get home (by sugarbus, taxi or walking) and how long you'll stay in your house or flat chatting with your flatmates. Before you know it it's 5am.

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So, if you're a third-year avoiding going out or a second-year worried about your upcoming third year, you CAN go to Sugar. Don't let deadlines and pressures stop you from having a great final year.