Clubbers of the Week: Halloween Edition

Things got scary

For Halloween this year I might as well have gone as a skeleton, because I had no body to go with! Jokes aside, it’s nice to see you some of you made an effort with your costume although some of them were scarily bad, and not in a good way…

“Best Costume” of the week

Ey, ey, I'm really happy for you and I'ma let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best Halloween Costumes of all time

Really, they gave the prize money to the mermaid?

Almost-original idea of the week

If you were as good at thinking for yourself as you are at stealing ideas from the internet, you'd be able to portray more than a lumbering oaf.

Hold the door, this was on the internet 2 years ago, you know the Uni policy on plagiarism right?

Fabulous Joker of the week

Wanna know the difference between you and the Joker? The Joker made an effort

Yaaassssss Batmaaaan Slaaaayyyy Gurrrrl

I see you went as Juan Snow

I'd build a wall to not have to look at you

El Rey en el Norte

Possessed patron of the week

Is she trying to levitate the table?

Is she trying to levitate the table?

Pimp of the week

"Welcome to Takeshi's Playboy Castle, it's like Hugh Hefner's but we eat the Bunnies."

Somebody came dressed as a playa

Can we take a moment to appreciate how horrifying this picture would be to a caveman?


Season 4 of Bojack Horseman is weird

Can we also take a moment to appreciate how horrifying this picture is to a regular man?

You can't photobomb when you're in the foreground, that's just called spoiling the picture

You can’t photobomb when you’re in the foreground, that’s just called spoiling the picture!

ScHoolboy Who?

He could some Collard Greens in his life.

Damn Kendrick, you look… different

Hardcore as shit costume of the week

At least she got to meet Chris Brown.

How pissed must she be that she didn’t win best costume? That must feel worse than losing an election to Donald Trump

Photo Credit to The Lancaster Photographer