Campus style: Autumn edition

“An ode to minimalist fashion”

As we all settle in and get back to work for a new year at Lancaster University, so does the extreme cold and windy weather that hangs over our campus 24/7. How we deal with this varies from person to person: Leavers hoodies, Costa hot chocolate or even staying in bed all day and night and missing all your lectures until spring comes round, but some students on campus have taken the chill in their stride and kitted themselves out in some pretty snazzy autumn outfits.

Evrard Beacheau La Fonta – PPE

Evrard teaching us all how to use our layers to look good AND keep warm.

Ana Stan – Computer Science


An ode to minimalist fashion.

Liam Armstrong – Marketing

We’re loving Liam’s sheepskin lined jacket, also known as ‘Shearling’ to fashion lovers.

Rytis Ulys – MSc Operational Research and Management Science

Rytis tops off his classy look with a trending patterned scarf.

Balikis Abale and Christine Edwards – MSc International Innovation and Design

More scarves! Are patterned scarves the new way to step up an autumn outfit?

Yewen Lin – MSc Arts Management


Bringing pastel’s back the right way.
Stay tuned for Campus style: Halloween edition!