Lancaster has the third most satisfied students in the UK

According to the 2016 National Student Survey

The results for the National Student Survey are in, with Lancaster coming joint third in the leaderboard for overall student satisfaction.

With a score of 91 per cent, Lancaster came ahead of UCLan, which scored only 83 per cent.

Third place was also shared with Exeter, Lincoln and Norwich, coming behind St Andrews and Aberystwyth who scored 94 and 92 per cent respectively.

The score has remained the same since the survey of 2015, but perhaps this will drop when Brexit causes a drop in university funding in the coming years.

It’s definitely not the nightlife keeping you so happy, with Lancaster being home to Sugarhouse, one of the UK’s 20 worst clubs.

But seeing as you’re the eighth highest ranked uni in the UK, you must be pretty satisfied with that.