Lancaster will lose 15 per cent of its research funding due to Brexit

So much for being cutting edge

Lancaster University is due to lose 15 per cent of its research funding due to Britain leaving the EU, a Tab investigation has found.

The university is going to have to replace a huge amount of its research funding after 2020, when the current EU research funding deal ends. It’s not yet clear where the replacement funds are going to come from, or what programmes will be cut, although the university says it has invested in senior research development managers to help mitigate the losses.

Lancaster receive plenty of funding from the EU, as part of the Horizon 2020 programme. British universities are hit hard across the board, with Southampton Solent losing over 90 per cent of their funding, according to Digital Science.

Newer universities don’t tend to have large endowments as they haven’t got as many alumni donating to them, meaning they are more vulnerable to Britain leaving the EU and the subsequent loss of EU grants.

Lancaster’s press office told us: “In 2014/15 around 15 per cent of Lancaster University’s competitive research funding came from the EU.  Prior to the referendum, we were already pursuing a strategy of growing and diversifying our research income. We have invested in senior research development managers to help Lancaster University staff identify major funding opportunities and submit competitive bids.  This work will continue.”