People you should avoid at the gym

Why is that person staring at me while they lift?

Whether you wake up one day and decide you want to be fitter or you want to lose a few stone for the summer, hitting the gym is the ultimate solution. Everybody knows the struggle of getting our butt to the gym, but let me tell you, it’s not the only struggle you will face. Watch out for this lot.

The one who won’t leave the treadmill

You’ll always find people in the gym who come and spend hours just walking or running on the treadmill. You know, it’s free to walk outside. Why not spend your £100+ membership a little more wisely eh?


The grunter

Your sex noise is weird so no, it’s not hot. Making sex noises or prehistoric animal noises won’t give you superhuman strength or make the lifting any easier. We know you want to look like Scarlet Johansson or Chris Evans, but grunting won’t get you there.


The couple

Get a room already! We get it, you’re in love, you’ve never felt this way before, yawn…yawn…Tell me more please…


The annoying DJ

You’re not in a world of your own. We can hear your music and we really don’t enjoy Bieber’s “Baby” while working out. If we wanted to hear music we’re not on board with, we could just go to Sugar, but we’re here to workout so be a sport and turn the music down.


The selfie queen/ king

There are a time and place for everything but the gym is not the place for taking selfies. Advance your modelling career somewhere else. We don’t want to unintentionally photobomb your self-portraits while we’re sweaty and trying to catch our breath.


The Stinky Steve or Sweaty Betty

If you have to sniff your shirt twice, do not wear it!  Please for the sake of hygiene, other gym users, do not wear the same shirt for two days in a row to the gym because you will become a stink bomb. Unless you want a lot of unnecessary attention from everyone around you.


The unsolicited advice-giver

We didn’t ask for it and we really don’t want it. No one appreciates a total stranger coming up and starting to give them advise that they did not ask for. Some people could be doing curls in an odd posture for a special reason. Or maybe it’s you that has been doing it wrong. Going up to them and telling them they’re doing it wrong doesn’t add 10 points to Gryffindor.


The one who stares

They will make sure they gawk at you while exercising. This is why many women feel uncomfortable at the gym, but this isn’t specific to them. Anyone would feel uncomfortable when they are being stared at. Didn’t your mama teach you that?


The ones with all the bedroom gossip

Almost all girls do this and this is by far the most annoying thing. We don’t want to know what crazy new moves your boyfriend has in bed while trying to focus on working out.