Why Greggs is the best place to eat on campus

An ode to sweet, sweet pasties

Sausage rolls, sandwiches, cookies, gingerbread men, treats as far as the eyes can see.  There’s a reason why the queue is two miles long at lunchtime, let me tell you all about it.

Early morning saviour

Just imagine a typically cold Lancastrian morning, I need something to take the pain of traipsing through the rain to a 9am lecture away, what could possibly make crawling out of my nice warm bed more bearable?  A Greggs, and the awe-inspiring power of the pies.

Sweet tooth’s galore

I’m a fan of cakes, as most humans are, and with their wide range of Belgian Buns to Chocolate Eclairs – I’m spoilt for choice. Do I want for the jam or the sprinkled donut for lunch? It doesn’t matter, I can buy both, enjoy a glorious double-sugary mouthful and have spare change for a coke.

Trust me

Trust me

The BEST hangover cure ever

There’s nothing like a hot pasty to cure that banging hangover headache and take away the general pain of life after a night out.  Sure, that doner kebab seemed like a good idea at 3am but the effects of it has wore off and now I’m craving something that isn’t only going to get me through the rest of the day but taste damn good too doing so and after many hungover trips there I can confirm its healing effects.

It’s not a trek either

If like me you live in Bowland, Greggs is basically a hop, skip and a munch away.

It’s cheap

I don’t know of any student that would ever turn down a bargain.  A definite perk of Greggs is the price.  You can get a sandwich or pastry with a drink and a packet of crisps – all for just £3. Who knew that comfort came so cheaply? And in carb form?  I’m sold.


There’s no relationship like a relationship formed over the bond of hunger.  The queue is long, and wait feels longer but one things for sure, you and all the people in that queue have one thing in common, you know how to do lunch right.

Great minds think alike

Great minds think alike

Study blues pick me up

I’m in the library and the essay isn’t going anywhere.  I haven’t slept for three nights in a row and I’m starving.  I know this pain all too well and let me tell you that nothing will carry you through like a steak bake pasty.  There’s something about it that makes those 2000 words to go seem a little easier.

Support line

It’s been a long day and the last thing you want to do is cook tea, especially if it’s pasta again. Greggs to the rescue.  Do I want a sandwich, a pie a pasty or salad?  I don’t care just as long as I don’t have to cook it.

Desperate times call for a pasty or two

The only thing in the fridge is a funny looking orange and some gone off yoghurt.  The ASDA’s not coming until tomorrow and there’s not a chance I’m picking the mould out of the bread again. Greggs, the shining beacon, will guide me in with the alluring smell of pasties and pastries.



But really, it’s all about the discounts

Free sausage roll or cake offer if you show your Purple or NUS card.  Need I say more?

A little bit of comfort

There is something about Greggs that feels welcoming and friendly, whether it’s the endless supply of affordable comfort food or the little reminder of home,  it is a definite perk of the campus.