What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten at university?

When Pot Noodle and Sultan’s doesn’t cut it

Adjusting to student life can be pretty difficult for the best of us. Especially keeping up with the grocery shop, finding the time and effort to cook, and budgeting your student loan on basic necessities (when there are a million other things you’d rather spend it on).

These desperate times can force us to get creative with our meals, that’s why students eat some of the strangest foods.

Connor, English Literature 

“Sometimes I make tuna pasta sandwiches.”


Emily, Religious Studies 

“Probably a brownie with peas in it. My flat mates decided to get creative.”

Bianca, Economics 

“As soon as I got to uni, my Northern flatmates forced me into buying chips and gravy on a night out. It has now escalated to chips and cheese with gravy. This would be really weird in London, but I love it.”


Alex, International Relations and Religious Diversity 

“Pot Noodles, British candy, baked beans and I find pie odd. Yeah, I’m American.”


Georgina, Law

“Warm Weetabix with water instead of milk. It crushed my soul a bit.”

Kyran, History 

“I put gravy granules in my curry. It flavours it well.”

Rikhil, Software Engineering 

“The only thing I can really think of is chicken with pasta sauce. It doesn’t sound too bad but it tastes really odd.”


Andreea, Business Studies

“Pasta with milk. It’s actually a thing in Romania, but I didn’t use the right pasta and it wasn’t the greatest.”


Leah, Psychology 

“My neighbour eats plain spaghetti with salt on it at midnight and I’ve joined in the trend. It’s great.”

Beth, Psychology 

“After a night out I put my leftover kebab on toast. It’s brilliant.”


Lukas, Marketing

“I tried the ‘United Pie’ which is a pie with steak, cheese and hot chilli in it.”

Carl, Financial Maths

“I ate beans on toast with corned beef.”