Yik Yaks of the Week: Mad March Begins

Damn Daniel, back at it at again with the top Yaks

With LUSU elections, ducks gone wild and the exciting arrival of a new Sugar DJ, you can bet your bottom dollar that as we draw a close to the Lent term, this week’s Yik-Yak game has been a strong one.

The 4oD Yak

Interesting combination…

The Out of Charge Yak

Plug ‘n play my friend

The Slow Reader Yak

Procrastination at its finest

The Golden Rule Yak

Solid advice

The Trash Can Yak

We’ve all BIN there…

The ‘Aired’ Yak

Now thats gotta hurt...

That’s gotta hurt

The Student Scammer Yak

Soon as you learn it tho give me a shout...

Or even in Booths

The Unconditional Yak

When the comment mugs you off...

Sassy orange anchor

The ÚCUM Yak

The UCUM belittlement continues

Why all the UCUM hate hombre?

The S&M&M Yak

Who else wants a follow up Yak...?

Well, sex does sell

The Cherry On the Top Yak

Hopefullly didn't leave any crumbs in the bed

Hopefully didn’t leave any crumbs in the bed

The Vegas Yak

You wish...

You wish!

The Poultry Yak

Someone's had a heavy night...

Someone’s had a heavy night

The Pre-Walk of Shame Yak