Clubbers of the week

Shame is for the weak

Easter is on the horizon and to celebrate the coming brutal murder of an innocent Jew, Lancastarians are murdering their innocence and self-respect. Oh, this week was fantastic!

Fat Bastards of the week

Ahhhh! Ma titties!

Ahhhh! Ma titties!

Stiffler of the week

Yugoslavian Pie

Yugoslavian Pie

The moment when you recognise someone from a seminar

You two will never talk again.

“Dude we should really talk more.”

‘Urban’ guy of the week

Something something ectoplasm

Innit’ fam

Unhappy Sim of the week

She looks like we photoshopped her smile upside down

It looks like we photoshopped her smile upside down

Unimpressed girl of the week

Those guys are doing nothing for her

Those guys are doing nothing for her



Purest maidens of the week

A Greek Tragedy

The Greek economy is doing so poorly they’ve gone back to wearing linens

‘First gay experience’ of the week

Fuck Olly, litterally.

Fuck Olly, litterally.

Unexpected pull  of the week

She's about to taste his pineapple espresso

She’s about to taste Seth’s pineapple espresso

Surprise prostate exam of the week

Seriously, is this guy okay?

Seriously, is this guy okay?

White girl wasted black guy of the week

C’mon man at least have some of your tongue in your mouth. You’re making us look bad.

C’mon mate at least have some of your tongue in your mouth, you’re making us look bad

Jesus Christ man

Jesus Christ man.

Dick of the week

"It's not gay, it's ironic!" - Every football social ever

“It’s not gay, it’s ironic!” – Every football social ever

Photo credit to The Lancaster Photographer.