Campus Style: If you could only wear one brand

Girls do it better this week

As the weather finally gets better, we went around campus in hopes of finding the ones who still didn’t give up on looking good in week 17 of Lent Term.

Some of them were asked the question: “If you had to only wear one brand or designer for the rest of your life, who would it be?” We all know that Lancaster is not the fashion capital of the UK, but here’s a tribute to those that tried this week.

Lorenzo Coni, first year Marketing student

IMG_6478 IMG_6480

“It’s probably Ralph Lauren, but I mean really.. Just one?”

Giulia Pensabene, 1st year BBA Euro American Management 


“Is there a budget or like whatever I want? If no, then… I’m Italian so Prada. Or D&G. No mass market. No.”

Janis You, first year Marketing student

laptopfaAH IMG_6471

Ok thank God it got warmer and we all switched from the hideous winter coats to leather. Finally.

Felix Oeding-Erdel, BBA European Management first year


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Rebecca, Marketing and Psychology third year wearing amazing glasses


good job no one can notice how sleep deprived students are now by the size of the bags under their eyes, since its already acceptable to wear shades.

Aslan Mirzayev, first year Law student

IMG_6461 IMG_6465

“Only Louis Vuitton. Matching Louis Vuitton with Louis Vuitton probably wouldn’t be tacky at all. Never.”

Alfonso Trevino and Fernando Sobrini, second year Euro BBA Management students


Jacob Hall, first year in Biology and Geography student


“It’s ZARA, can I go back to eating my sandwich now?”

Dragons Cojocea and Mihnea Ungureanu, first year Advertising and Marketing


IMG_0579“There’s more on my Instagram (@mihneeaaaaa), have a look!”

Amy Zhenru Chen, Media and Cultural Studies first year


Officially the first person to be able to pull of a Michael Kors bag on campus.

Elaine, Foundation Year

IMG_0580 IMG_0581