A drunk fresher fell out his third story window and broke his hip

He was trying to close it

Last night a Bowland College fresher fell out of a third story window at Bowland Annexe.

He has a broken hip but apart from that, he is alive and sound.

He is very grateful to those who saved his life last night!

The fresher, who doesn’t want to be named, revealed that he only had a couple of drinks beforehand. He told The Tab: “I didn’t have a social.”

According to his vague memory and what he’s been told, it is believed that he was trying to close his window but failed.

He said: “As I got the handle I’d leant too far and went through the window, was hanging from the handle for a second before falling down.”

Here is a status update from his Facebook wall (He prefers not to be named).

Good job it wasn’t higher

The student was immediately sent to the trauma center in Preston, with the help of a number of his flatmates and the porter. He added: “All of whom I’m really grateful to!”

The fresher is currently in hospital. He said there might be a chance that he could be discharged later, despite pains in his lung, leg and broken hip.

Finally he added: “I’m just lucky to be alive.”