Yik-Yaks of the week

We’ve hit the yak-pot

Whether it’s a long one on the John or you’re just trying to look busy to avoid talking to someone, Yik Yak’s charm, since its release in 2013, has yet to wear off. And whilst many abuse its majesty (for Yik-Yak is no Tinder substitute for criminally desperate, nor part of some kind of smear campaign against UCUM), there’ll always be those comical Yakky gems that’ll have you cackling for the days that follow.

And to those Yaks we say: thank you.

The Grateful for a Steak Bake Yak


The Bowland Jedis Yak

Obviously a very passionate Astrophysics student here

The Dancing with Deadlines Yak

Rebel without a course

The Barefoot Breakfast Yak

Gives real meaning to the phrase “walking off your dinner”

The ‘Walk of Shame’ Yak

We’ve all been there

The World War Z…ZZZ Yak

Every morning is a battle

The Wisdom Tooth Yak

Wisdom teeth: good for sinking your teeth into some knowledge

The Taxi Betrayal Yak

“Ah sorry mate I actually don’t have any money”

The Forking Yak

Fingers crossed he finds his little spoon sometime soon

The Seminar Excitement Yak

And then you get the question wrong

The ‘Sir Works-a-Lot’ Yak

Baby Got Book

The Ice Cream Extortion Yak

For those that want their bank account and their brain frozen

The Club Attendance Yak

Does your seminar have 3-4-£5 though?

The Ground Floor Accommodation Yak

Stop watching me procrastinate neighborino

The Missing Capital Letters Yak

148+ Grammar Nazis at Lancaster confirmed

The Carrot in the Shower Yak

I’m not sure I want to know the answer to this question

The Long Journey Home Yak

Spot on with the cold weather too