LUSU is not planning on banning the Yorkie Bar

It was all a Yik Yak hoax

LUSU is not planning on banning the Yorkie Bar despite a Yak suggesting it was. 

After a recent yak claiming that the LUSU office were planning to ban it, Yik Yak went crazy. This follows all the talk about freedom of speech at Lancaster.

Some took it seriously:

take a breath

Take a breath

Some were confused:

Look into this

Look into this

Some knew/ hoped it was a joke:

One step ahead

One step ahead

And others, saw it as chance to plug their own feelings:

Well said.

Well said

People claimed that it was rumour started to arouse some form of debate but the worry was still there.

Fortunately, when asked, one employee at LUSU Student Union Shop hadn’t heard anything about the conspiracy. They said: “I hope we still sell them!”, and after an interlude of panic and frequent search for a Yorkie bar, he was then informed that the shop had never sold them in the first place.  The irony.

In LUSU central, it was the same case, I received a confused look and the claim that she had no idea what I was talking about.

In the LUSU office, at the reception desk, the woman was equally as confused and found the whole thing rather funny, we brightened her day.

After all that talk of Yorkies we had to have one and the only shop we found that does sell them anyway is the SPAR.



We can now quite confidently confirm that the Yorkie bar is safe, for now.