Top Valentine’s places to cry alone on campus

No one loves you

Valentine’s day is not for everyone. We can’t all handle the PDA and as the price of gifts eat into a student loan like a lonely heart does a chocolate box, a lot of us don’t have the time or the money.

So it can be a sad day for the more romantically-challenged, and with our busy student schedules, blasting Leona Lewis and stroking pictures of our exes has to be done on the go, and we sometimes have to get creative with it.

In your bedroom

The OG crying spot, it’s got all the things you need for a successful wallowing sesh in the seasonal loneliness: a bed to cry yourself to sleep in, Netflix (without chill) and a lock for hiding away from the world.

The Library

Generally, only nerds hang out in library, nerds who are too socially awkward to ask if you’re alright and will leave you in peace. You can probably find a book with some nice pictures of cats in too if you hunt around too.


Lake Carter

A primary date location is also a scenic and serene cry spot. There’s something satisfying and semi-spiritual about crying amongst nature.

Whilst the ducks don’t really have shoulders to cry on, they won’t judge you.


Money saved from single life means money saved for curly fries. And if you cry hard enough they’ll probably give you a free poppadum.


An empty lecture theatre

With a little know-how, the projectors can easily be hooked up to play The Notebook on a loop.

In the shower

When it’s that wet, no one can see your tears.



I don’t know what the InfoLab is and I’m sure you don’t either. It’s a bus stop to Sugar as far as I am concerned. But even though it’s a bad waste of university expenditure, it’s probably a great place to go and cry, because there’s no one in there.

In a toilet stall

Incredible amount of free tissue aside, it’s a diamond opportunity to have a good, long look in the mirror and realise that you are strong and independent, and you don’t need no man/woman.



They say time heals all wounds, and the trek to Cartmel should give you a long enough for your lonely heart to heal. I hear they have a bar there too.

Under some stairs

If it’s good enough for Harry Potter, then it’s good enough for me.