A fresher let his mates shave his head for no reason

We don’t know either

Giving your close friends the power of being responsible for your fate is a terrifying notion but Sebastian Hardy, an Ultimate Frisbee player and Lonsdale Fresher, allowed his flat-mates to shave his hair.

He got challenged originally, and then decided to just go with it.


The shear in process

He said: “It’s something you have to do once in your life.”

Fortunately for everyone’s entertainment, Seb didn’t fail to produce some spectacular styles before having it completely shaved off.

Some people say he looks like a Mocock, but I say he rocks it.

Some people say he looks like a Mocock, but he rocks it

When asked about her comments on her legend of a flatmate, Harriet Giffard-Tiney said: “I have disgust and admiration all at the same time.”

We call this the Pepper look. Due to the similarities with the 'interesting' American Horror Story character...

Like something out of American Horror Story

James Hinton, a First Team Men’s Rower, gave Seb the crushing news: “You’re not getting laid for at least three months.”

Any lucky ladies or fella’s wanting to prove James wrong?

These hairlines aren't loyal.

These hairlines aren’t loyal.

The finishing product, the final cut, the ‘hair’ has beaten the tortoise and finished the race. Sebastian Hardy: One – Rest of the World: Zero, this legend has been created.

So next time you see this crazy legend walking down the spine, give that man the approval he deserves.