What’s the secret to making a perfect Christmas roast?

Seasonings’ greetings

Alright you Scrooges, you blew your loan on cab fares and cheesy chips and it’s the last time you’ll see your flatmates again before Santa comes a’knocking with some Lynx deodorant and a satsuma in your stocking.

If you jive turkeys are keen on whipping up something that you don’t have to close your eyes to eat but is kind to your pocket, I’ve asked some of the few people on campus that use their ovens for something more than for pizza for some tips on making a cheap Christmas meal.

Aljomark, Lonsdale

The face of a true roast master

Is this not the face of a true master of Christmas roasts?

“You don’t need to spend a lot of money on vegetables: roasted with some olive oil it all tastes good, Sainsbury’s value or not.”

Max, Cartmel

Iceland for the cool guy

“Last year I bought a turkey joint from Iceland. Arguably one of the best expenses I ever bought… they also deliver which is a bonus.”

Zoë, Furness

Zoe, pictured above. Its all gravy, baby.

Its all gravy, baby

“Recipe for cheap gravy: hot water, an oxo cube, leftover meat juices. Boom.”

Mirran, Pendle

Getting mashed for Christmas.

Getting mashed for Christmas

“Add butter to anything. Vegetables taste like s***? Add some butter on top after you’ve cooked them. Mash tastes s***? Add some butter.”

Megan, Grizedale 

You can hide from the camera Megs, but you can’t hide from Christmas

“Do your vegetables in the microwave for more room on the hob to cook other stuff.”

Ellie, Grizedale

Ellie: If you are strictly herbivore and find yourself hungry on Christmas day, eat your tree for a nutritious meal.

If you are strictly herbivore and find yourself in hunger on Christmas day, eat your tree for a nutritious meal

“If you’re vegetarian, nut roasts can be grim so go for a red onion and goat’s cheese tart, they can be £3 or cheaper if you want to make yourself.”

Owen, Lonsdale

Owen here, in

Owen here, in the company of people, despite his meal choice suggesting a more solitary existence

“Buy a BISTO roast microwave meal, couple of quid and you got yourself a full roast, not the best but at least it’s quick and easy.”

Carina, Pendle

Carina: A Christmas meal with her flat. But who will wash up?

A flat Christmas meal, never sober

“If you’re going to splash out on something, do it on a good pudding because that’s usually the most memorable part of the meal where everyone actually bonds with each other.”