Why you should write for The Tab Lancaster this term

We don’t just get drunk

The Tab Lancaster is looking to add more great people to their fantastic team of writers.

We are looking for more writers to join their progressively expanding team. You don’t need any experience in journalism nor do you need to be a literary genius like Shakespeare – just the interest and drive to meet new people and have a laugh whilst gaining skills that could help with your future career.

We started as just a super small team and ever since our debut we have been adding team members to our Tabfam!

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It’s a super chill environment with no pressure to write about things you have no interest in – we welcome any and all ideas, helping you to adapt and improve your skills for the real world of journalism, and if you have no idea what you want to write about we always have ideas floating around, maybe scribbled on a napkin somewhere.

We are the people who brought you the news of Gatward, the defence of Furness, and the coverage of the worst storm to hit Lancaster since Spice.

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Travis Martin, Economics Fresher


Tab Lancaster’s new bae

Travis says: “Writing for the tab has its merits, you meet new people and you have new challenges for stories. In other words you make money and fuck bitches – T Money style. Overall you build a fun style of writing with a good group of individuals!”

Ben Goldsworthy, Computer Science Second Year


Tab Lancaster’s drunk granddad

Ben eloquently reiterates his motto for The Tab: “f**k bitches make money innit” Our most charming bachelor.

Shashank Sharma, Marketing and Management Fresher


Tab Lancaster’s exotic booty

He says: “Writing for The Tab is great because I get to write about things that affect me as a student. It doesn’t feel like work really. It’s a lot of fun! At the same time it has helped me improve my writing skills. We have some great socials and I’ve met some really interesting people. It different, it’s fun and I would definitely recommend joining us!”

Max Harris, English Language with Creative Writing Fresher


Tab Lancaster’s bit on the side

Max said: “A lot of university publications follow a house style that censors you from expressing yourself in your articles.

“Without that, at The Tab Lancaster, everyone’s quirks and individualities shine through, and the stories come out funnier and more interesting because of it. There’s no pressure to write, everyone likes each other, we’ve got good editors so it’s 10/10.”

Adas Li, English Language with Creative Writing Fresher


Tab Lancaster’s new sass

Adas says: “Where else can you rant about Chinese stereotypes, debate about knickers or thongs, and report on the best clubbers in town in your own articles? Where can you gain journalistic experience and build an extensive writer network? The Tab.

“I guarantee it is certainly a place for all potential writers to fuck money and make bitches.”

Rahoul Naik, European Management and Spanish Second Year


Tab Lancaster’s Founding Father

He says sweet and simple: “Pimp. Pussy. Money. Power. Who else can give you what we can? Join the tab and rediscover your inner PIMP”

Sammi Cham, English Literature Second Year


Tab Lancaster’s Founding Mother

“Eat. Drink. Write. Sleep. Have fun. That’s all I want you to do. Your initiation will be the most fun (drunk) you’ll have ever had (been). We want more friends – come and play with us.”

Want to party with the crème de la crème?