A new Councillor has been chosen to get Lancaster students into politics

He’s only 21

A new Young People’s Champion has recently been selected.

Joshua Brandwood is 21 and enjoys going to Hustle, so at least Lancaster students can relate.

He was elected as Councillor to represent his local ward of Out Moss Lane earlier this year during the local and general elections. His job is to encourage participation in politics.

How old are you and what did you study at Uni?

21 and I studied Public Services and Politics at UCLan.

Why did you run for election at such a young age?

Well, I’m a teacher now so I’m already part of the local community but it was really a lecturer that I had at university who inspired me to get involved with politics. I’ve always been quite outspoken and opinionated so I thought I would give it a bash.

What has been your biggest achievement in politics so far?

Oh, I think it has to be the fact that I am the youngest councillor in Morecambe and being appointed Young People’s Champion. I have so many ideas I want to work on, but I can’t say too much for now.

Morecambe does not seem to be the thriving young town that Lancaster is, why did you choose to run there?

Well, I was born in Lancaster but I grew up in Morecambe’s West End, which is quite a deprived area, with my single mother and four other siblings. I learnt to appreciate things because I was never able to have the lavish things in life. I suppose, Morecambe is where my heart is and I want to ‘resurrect’ it to its prime.

What do you think of Osborne’s proposed changes to student loans?

I’m afraid I can’t answer that.

What do you think the role of young people is in Morecambe?

Well, it is obvious that the younger generation, our generation really, is the future. Morecambe is still seen as a retirement town. I just want more young people to get involved with politics, nothing partisan, just poetics in its true form. We need to look to the future and see how we can improve.

Is your age a problem due to some thinking you have no experience?

It’s actually quite the opposite, the residents are really nice and the whole council show a lot of respect

How do you feel about being in this position?

I feel honoured really. It was something that I brought up during a council meeting and it was unanimous within the council that this needed to happen.  Everyone was so supported, from all political backgrounds.

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If you would like to get involved or find out any more information, you can find Joshua on Facebook and Twitter or email: [email protected]