Lancaster left without power as storm Desmond hits the North-West

The Met Office put us on a “red alert”

The Environment Agency has issued 10 flood warnings and seven flood alerts across Lancashire.

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North Road earlier this evening

Torrential rain and 60mph winds are causing severe disruption in Lancaster town as Storm Desmond continues to flood our streets.

Morecambe Area Police shared a warning on their Facebook page advising us to stay indoors: “Unless your journey is absolutely necessary, stay at home.”

They also warned of the dangers for drivers in the local area: “We must remind you that a car is a car and not a boat. Don’t try and find out if your car is any good at being a boat!”

Guess they missed the memo...

Train routes have been cancelled and roads have been closed throughout the city centre. The MET office have also issued a red warning for rain in the North West and Cumbria: “Keep yourself and others safe from the impact of the weather. Widespread damage, travel and power disruption and risk to life is likely.”

Sandbags are currently available to purchase from Lancaster City Council for those whose homes are most at risk.

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About 55,000 homes around Lancaster are without power and could be cut off for days after an electricity substation was flooded during Storm Desmond.

Electricity North West said flood defences upgraded five years ago to cope with a “one-in-a-hundred years flood” were breached on Saturday night.

Engineers are working with the fire service to determine when it is safe to access the substation in Caton Road.

Operations director Mark Williamson, said it was “fully submerged”.

He said: “The water has to recede before we can assess the damage. Until we can get in there we won’t know.”