Why you should check out the Lake District

Cheaper than a trip to Sugar

Spending so much time indoors leads up to forgetting that fresh air is important. The words ‘cabin fever’ were never meant more truly at university, as we spend many a day hunched over in a dark room, wild eyed and smelling of B.O, trying to artfully drape noodles into our mouths between checking Moodle.

The only time we surface from this musty bubble, is to make a pilgrimage to a club and to grind on other people sweatier than ourselves and forget about it the next day.

The Lake District has got it on loch

This is a true crime, seeing as geographically we eat, sleep and dance in relatively close proximity to around 2,000 square kilometres of beautiful, Lord-of-the-Rings-esque landscape which seems to be ignored by the student populace. Now is the time to get on some clown-sized walking boots and get your pasty ass down to the Lake District.

Night outs can be expensive, but the Lakes are like that cool, low maintenance bae that doesn’t care if you spend that much money on it.

Pre-drinks are optional and there’s no entry on the door (because there is no door). You only need to pay for transport and maybe to camp, if you’re into that. The 555 bus can be taken from the bus station in town and goes all the way to Bowness-on-Windermere in The Lakes in less than an hour, at £10.95 if you get a day-rider which allows you to catch the bus all day.

Getting high from mountain climbing.

Getting high from mountain climbing

If you ever want to experience the sublimity and beauty of nature but have lived in an urban hellscape for much of your life (People of Luton, I’m looking at you here), then the Lakes are for you too.

Scafell Pike, the highest peak in The Lakes, stands at over 3,000 feet. The average human being stands at about 5.5 feet. Do the math here, if you ever wanted to feel like you were in a scale model of a battle in The Two Towers or appreciate how insignificant we are as race and how beautiful and awesome nature is as a power, then this is the place for you to be.

Ideal spot for a bit of cheeky banter with the lads.

Ideal spot for a bit of cheeky banter with the lads

It’s not like all there is to do is explore and bask in nature’s glory: pubs, museums and you can swim in the goddamn lakes for free if you want to – if you’re crazy and love the feeling of hyperthermia (which comes free too).

Harry Doddrell, a student and regular to the Lakes, said: “There’s so much to do, rarely is there a place where you can get a Maccie’s in town that’s two minutes drive from a valley.”