Just because it’s small doesn’t mean Furness isn’t the greatest college

Fighting it out in the purple corner

Following Pendle having their shot at being champs in the yellow and green corner, Furness is having its turn at “Hey, we’re the best college at Lancaster!” over in the purple corner.

After being a Furnessian fresher for just a measly eight-or-so weeks, it’s already fallen pretty obvious that everywhere else really is nowhere.

First off, any slams about not knowing Furness due to it being the smallest college at Lancaster are clearly pretty shit when other colleges are always tagging along trying to join onto our socials. For good reason, though – nothing beats the 15 Hour Bar Crawl.

After all, urban myth says that tickets for the brutal event this term were harder to come by than tickets for Glasto’ 2016. We’ve also had Spanish night ( basically Free Paella, Churros and Sangria Night) which you can’t really beat.


The most desirable, key piece at Lancaster Fashion Week: 15 Hour shirt #LFW

Obviously, Furness being extra petite in size comes with all the community spirit mushy feelings you would expect as well. You see, our college is just sweet like that. All things come in small packages clearly also applies to Lancaster Uni colleges. N’awww, cute.

The ghetto hall residents amongst us also have absolutely beaut views of the grass yard, with a backdrop of the car service station. Meanwhile, the posh ensuite-havers have absolutely beaut views of… the car service station or, if they’re lucky, Spar. It’s clearly Instagram worthy.

Charmingly scenic... what a view.

What a charmingly scenic view from the accommodation

You can’t really knock the accommodation when it’s as central as it is and close in proximity to everything you could ever need.

9am lecture in George Fox? Yeah, of course you can leave at 8.58am. You need to catch a bus leaving the underpass in a couple of minutes?

Still definitely time for that nap you missed because you were nailing the weekly pub quiz at Trev.

Trev is easily the most cosy pub-like spot on campus as well compared to half of the other clinical canteen style bars, making it way better for just a chill pint. It even got voted best bar on campus by 39%(!)

*Heart eyes emoji*

*Heart eyes emojis*

As mentioned before, it’s pretty obvious that everywhere else really is nowhere.