The salsa society’s best moves to find bae

Latin life

We caught up with the salsa society on the eve of their third birthday to find out about the sexiest salsa moves you can do in order to win over a bae’s heart. If you wanna attract the attention of that really cute guy or that really fit girl this is something that can make you stand out from the crowd and give you a winning shot.

Here are six of the hottest salsa moves:

Laura Cadena Nieto 19 Marketing Management. “The side-ward spoon” (Basket).


Not a full-on spoon till you ‘get to know them better’.

Amy Ditchfield 18 Economics “Spinning teacups” (The classy move).


Will create that sense of light-headedness you associate with love.. or maybe sickness.

Ilia Teimouri 26 PhD Physics “The footrest” (Sombrero Drop).


You know she’s the one if you can balance a beer on your bae.

Sofia Thomai 19 Psychology “The-Oops-You-Fell-And-I-Saved-You-So-Netflix-And-Chill?”


The smile says it all.


Works every time.

We asked some of the young Salsa-ers what dance moves they found most attractive:

Alexandros 22, Law student says: “The way she moves her hips”.

Helena Gloeckner 20, Sociology student says: “The way a guy moves his hips”.


You ain’t seen nothing till you join us. #TeamSexy