Being a perfect freshers rep – by a fresher

Try not to mess them up too early

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Half of what makes Freshers’ Week is the rep you’re given. It gives the fresh meat their first experience of uni life, so it’s best to make it pretty memorable. With freshers far over, what do they reckon made a perfect frep?


Teach them every drinking game possible. There’s inevitably going to be a first year that has somehow avoided ever playing Ring of Fire before, so who else is going to explain to them about the dirty pint? They’ll definitely thank you when they wake up hungover and feeling like death, because at least they’ll finally know how to play Beer Pong and Paranoia.

First Ring of Fire game of uni

The first Ring of Fire game of uni.

Get them to join all the societies they can. It’s definitely not ever going to piss them off when they get emails constantly from things you said would be a laugh. She hates sport? Sign her up for men’s basketball. Perfect. Savanna Carter, a first year Accounting student, said “Harry Potter society was a better idea at the time.”

Prank as much as possible. How else are they gonna know not to leave their door always unlocked if nobody puts 100 glasses full of water on the carpet or covered everything in sight in tin foil? It’s only for their own benefit really. “Have pranking banter, or get out” said James Fletcher Adams, a first year Marketing student.

Post 'my room just got stickey-noted' in week one.

Post ‘I just got clingfilmed’ in week one


Eat their food. When first years have arrived with home cooked meals for the freezer that look a bit better than that Pot Noodle you have, chances are you’re gonna want to eat it. They’re even saying you can’t beat their mum’s stew. But give a shot at not stealing it- don’t really want them to starve and have no cash left in the first 7 days. That’s for later.

Stay away from Mexican food night.

Stay away from Mexican food night

Never sleep with them. Really? Reeeally? Come on, at least try not to this time.

Try not to be too clingy. They came to uni to get away from that weird ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, remember? They don’t need another person to say “it’s not me, it’s you” to. Keep a little distance so things don’t get awkward when you never see them again after freshers week.

Rep-fresher bonding time on day 1 of uni.

Rep-fresher bonding time on day 1 of uni

“They are beautiful human beings, and everyone that they meet is blessed “- Alex Gunn (18), first year studying Maths.