Students hospitalised after taking mysterious black pills have been released

It happened the night Tough Love played at Sugarhouse

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Six students were hospitalised on Sunday after a night at Sugarhouse, two of which as a result of taking dodgy pills. Since then, it has been confirmed that five have been released.

Around 3:10am on Sunday, six students, four girls who study at Lancaster University and two boys who were visiting, were admitted to hospital after two took a mysterious controlled black drug with a logo on the front, with two others taking a powdered substance and the final two being admitted due to excessive alcohol consumption.

It is believed that the students had an adverse effect from the drug, on the night international sensation Tough Love were playing at the Union’s club, The Sugarhouse.  All but one of the students have been released from hospital according to the Lancaster University Police’s Facebook page.

James Edmonds from Lancaster CID said “I would urge anyone to refrain from taking these tablets or indeed any sort of drug because the message is clear – you don’t know what you’re taking and the risk you are putting on your health could be devastating.”

It is currently unconfirmed what the drug was and the Police have urged anyone with information or in possession of the drug to hand it in for further testings. They said “If you have information about the supply of this drug or other illegal drugs call Lancashire Police on 101 quoting log number 237 of October 11th or pass information anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Manchester students have also been warned.

Edmonds went on to say “This appears to be an isolated incident and we will continue to work with the university and our partners to educate young people to ensure this does not happen again.”

One Law fresher, who had helped take one of the students to A and E, Charlie Taylor Castanheira, said that “it’s worrying that it happens in a student only club, you don’t expect it.” She went on to say that she feared for her safety in the Sugarhouse, even after the money spent on improving security.

Katie Capstick, LUSU VP for Communication said that she hopes “the students are doing well” and once LUSU knows the full story, they will release a full statement.

This drug incident is not the first of it’s kind in Lancaster, as earlier in the year, 5 students were hospitalised after taking the synthetic weed drug ‘Spice’.